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In this section you will find our complete range of professional video surveillance cameras can meet your every need.

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  • Analog technology

    A system created with analog video technology, although not reach the resolution of digital systems over IP or HDCVI, is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable security system with a high cost / performance ratio.

  • HDCVI technology

    HDCVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface) is a system of standard HD video transmission over coaxial cable and / or a network cable, which allows the transmission even in HD up to 500 meters away, with no loss of quality and at a cost much content, to meet the requirements of any type of installation, from the simplest to the most complex, guaranteeing an indisputable added value result.

  • Tecnologia HDTVI

    The HDTVi technology is designed to improve all aspects of performance on HD coaxial cables, making the devices in HD (High Definition).
    HDTVi (High Definition Video Transport Interface) is the HD video transmission interface. HDTVi is a technology that can be implemented on existing systems with coaxial cable to provide reliable transmission of HD video signal. The HDTVi technology allows to increase the quality in the sending and receiving of the cameras, to improve the transmission distance (cable length), through advanced image processing technology, which further improves the image quality, and at the same time, avoids crosstalk phenomenon simulation, the luminance and chrominance.

  • IP technology

    The IP technology is a transmission system that generates a digital signal, in a format ready for direct transmission over the network, without the need for analog-digital conversion,
    It can be controlled through any Internet connection, anywhere and anytime, using even the very recent Cloud and P2P technologies. These cameras are reliable, easy to assemble, solutions for both indoor and outdoor.

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